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Cheap SEO that works - A basic guide for small businesses

Cheap SEO does not always work.

You can find a bad agency that will actually do more harm than good for your website.

At the other end of the scale award winning agencies can try SEO campaigns that work on million pound companies but are not as effective for small & local businesses. This will cost you a few £1000 as well.

The truth is SEO for small & local businesses can be cost effective and successful by being smart with your targeting and only focusing on specific areas.

Below you will find a simple 5 step plan on how to run a cheap SEO campaign that will work for your small or local business.

It should be noted that this is a basic breakdown - Each individual step will require a number of additional stages, data analysis and tracking to ensure your cheap SEO will work.

That’s why you hire a professional, right? - If you are interested in professional cheap SEO services please send us a contact form. We will give you a free SEO plan for your business.

Cheap SEO that works step 1 - Keyword Research

The most important step is stage 1 finding keywords for your website to rank for.

If you target the incorrect keywords you will struggle to rank & won’t attract the right people to your website.

It is important to find keywords that you can realistically rank for, bring the right potential customers & match the services/products you offer.

A tip is to massively narrow down your keywords if it is your first time targeting on your website.

If you are a local business do this by location. Targeting only your city.

If you are based in a large city such as London I would narrow down further into the location you are based.

If you are an online business you can niche down your keyword targeting by only focusing on your main demographic to start off with.

For example if you are a clothes shop target “Sports Clothing For Teenage Boys” rather than just “Vintage Clothing”. You will have a better chance of ranking for these long tail keywords.

You need to repeat this process across all the services & products you offer.

Cheap SEO that works step 2 - On-site set up

Now you have your keywords you need to target these on your site.

To start, create title & meta tags that feature your keywords and add these to your site.

Next add the keyword into any image alt tag.

Then you need to look into adding the keyword into the content of your page.

This will give you a very basic on-site set up to help you start to rank for your keywords.

There are a lot of other factors to consider when it comes to on-site SEO however for targeting niche keywords this will give you a good start.

Cheap SEO that works step 3 - Google My Business

Now we should look at your off-site SEO.

Google My Business is fantastic for small businesses, especially service based businesses or businesses with a physical location.

If you haven't already create your GMB listing.

Make sure you correctly fill out all of your listing.

Add posts to your listing to help with it’s ranking.

Also, ask any previous customers to review you on your listing.

This will allow you to appear in the map pack when people type in relevant searches for your business.

Cheap SEO that works step 4 - Backlinks

The next key area of SEO is backlinks.

Simply, a site with a good backlink profile has a better chance of ranking than one that doesn’t.

A good place to start is business directories.

A simple search of business directions (your location) should bring up a good number.

Add your business to all the free online directories as this will help your overall SEO.

This will give you a good number of starter backlinks to help with your initial SEO set up.

Cheap SEO that works Step 5 - Create new pages

As you have now optimised your current website & started with some off-site SEO, it is often the case you need to make new web pages.

I would recommend making a page for every product/service you offer.

This will allow you to target more keywords and have a better chance of getting more organic traffic.

Interested in Cheap SEO that works?

This a basic very cheap SEO that works breakdown, in fact it is actually free if you do it yourself.

If you are wanting Cheap SEO services that generate results visit our contact page here and we will happily review your website.

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