Cheap Local SEO Services

Cheap Local SEO Service - Prices From £99

Our cheap local SEO service is designed to grow your business without breaking the bank. We work with small & local UK based businesses offering them a cheap local SEO service that will grow their Google rankings & website traffic. We work with you to achieve your business goals. Our cheap local SEO service is no contract & prices start as low as £99 for monthly SEO. 

Grow website traffic

The main focus of our cheap local SEO service is to help grow your website traffic. Simply, the more people that visit your website the more likely you are to get conversions. Our first focus will be looking into increasing your website traffic.  

Monthly Website Audit 

Website have issues. These issues can impact SEO & your rankings. Every month we will run a audit on your site as part of our cheap local SEO service to flag any potential errors or warnings that are harming your SEO.

Increase Backlinks

Backlinks are a main ranking factor when it comes to SEO. Our cheap local SEO service ensures you get new backlinks to your site each month. This helps increase the chance of your website ranking for your target keywords.

Get More Calls

We don't just look at your website. We also will look into your Google My Business listing. This is a great place to generate leads as it allows customers to call you without having to visit your website. This one of the best marketing channels for local businesses. 

Outrank Your Competitors

It is crucial you outrank your competitors. If you are currently ranked below them, they are getting your potential new customers. As part of our Cheap Local SEO service we do competitor research to help you outrank them. 

Long Term Business Growth 

Our Cheap local SEO Services is no a quick marketing campaign or a paid ads campaign that doesn't work after it is turned off. Our cheap local SEO service supports the long term growth of your business. 

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Who's our cheap SEO Service for?

We only offer our services to small & local businesses. This allows us to keep our local SEO services at a low cost. We are perfect for small & local businesses who want to save time & money by using our cheap local SEO services. Our services work across a range of industries and we work with businesses across the United Kingdom. We keep our costs low by focusing on the local SEO work and minimising admin time. We take care of your local SEO and you focus on your new leads & customers. We provide a monthly plan & monthly report which will include all work that has been done and a breakdown of what impact it has had on your site. You will be able to have direct email contact to the person working on your website. We keep everything simple, you pick the pricing option that suits your budget & goals best and set up a simple monthly direct debit. We focus on increasing your Google rankings & website traffic. 

Who's our cheap local SEO service not for?

Our cheap local SEO service is not for everyone. We keep our prices low by keeping admin & meeting time to a minimal. If you are looking for weekly meetings or a flash in the pan marketing campaign we are not for. We provide a plan of all the work that will be done & a report on the impact it has had. Our focus is the long term growth of your Google rankings & website traffic - if you are looking for other services such as ad campaigns or social media management feel free to send us a message as we can point you in the right direction. 


How do I get started?

Getting started is a simple process, just send us your website details and email above. We will look over your site and identify how we can help grow your website traffic & rankings. We will also send some pricing options to suit your budget & goals. Once, you agree your cheap local SEO service we will send you a link to set up your monthly payment with our payment provider GoCardless. We will research keywords for your site to rank and begin the process of starting the on-site SEO for your website.  

How will I know if local SEO has worked for my business?

SEO is the process of getting your website/business to appear higher in the search results. If your customer based using Google to search for services, local SEO has potential to work for your business. Local SEO should be looked at as a investment, the longer you invest for the more chance you have at being successful. Some areas & industries are more competitive that others so this can have impact on how long it takes for SEO to work for your business. We have experience in helping small & local businesses across the UK with their local SEO campaigns so can use this experience to help suggest the best route for your business to take to generate more conversions.

How much does Cheap SEO cost?

Our prices start from £99. We try to offer cheap SEO services to suit all budgets. On average, you will pay between £130-£250 for your monthly SEO services. There are a range of varying factors such as your current website standings, the competitiveness of your location & your goals. The maximum price for any of our services is £300 a month this would only be for national businesses in a competitive industry. If you are a small or local business you can expect to pay no more that £150 for your monthly SEO management. 

Do I have contact to the person doing the work?

Yes, we hate marketing services where you cannot speak to the person doing the work. You will have direct email contact to the person working on your business. 

What results should I expect?

There are many variables to this question. On average you will see a increase in rankings within 30 days of the initial SEO set-up. This in turn should help increase your website conversions. If you are in a very competitive sector it may take between 4-6 months to see results. Every business will be different and we will look into areas of both long term & short term growth to help both your Google rankings & website traffic. 

How will I know if SEO has worked for my business?

At the start of every month we will send you your Google rankings, website traffic and the impact the SEO work has had on your business. These stats are pulled straight from Google's data so we can't hide behind any marketing jargon. Your rankings & traffic may not increase every month factors such as search volume dropping, competitors starting SEO & algorithm changes can cause a rankings drop. It is our job to discover the causes for the drops and make the required changes. 

Why we started offering our Cheap Local SEO Service 

We were originally  created from the founder of Bespoke Marketing Plans (Guy Hudson) a professional digital marketer from the United Kingdom. The main focus was to create marketing plans for businesses who couldn't afford to use a digital marketing agency. Guy quickly discovered that SEO was the best route for businesses on a small budget as it didn't require them to run expensive ad campaigns that didn't guarantee any success.

The problem was learning to do SEO and run a business is hard & getting a agency to manage your SEO can be very expensive. After searching for low cost SEO agencies we found these agencies either outsourced their work outside the UK or offered a low quality services. 

We looked into ways that we could offer a cheap SEO service that was of a good quality. The main way was by focusing on the SEO work, we found agencies would charge up to £100 a meeting & £50 for a phone call, small & local business owners do not need this for a successful SEO campaign. 

This is when we decided to start offering our own cheap SEO services. We aim to combat the solve the problem in the SEO industry that it is not affordable for small & local businesses. Working with over 100 local businesses during our marketing careers has allowed to only focus on what is proven to work.

We offer our cheap SEO services to help small & local businesses in the United Kingdom.