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The Cheap SEO Services Story

Created by the Founder of Bespoke Marketing Plans (Guy Hudson). Cheap SEO Services was created to offer exactly what the name suggestions Cheap SEO Services for small & local businesses.

After writing marketing plans for small businesses two common issues occurred. The first being business owners didn't have time to do their own marketing alongside running the business and the second issue being professional marketing was unaffordable for small & local businesses.


We found the service that works best for small & local businesses was SEO. The main issue was that SEO can be very experience with agencies charging up to £100 a hour just to have a meeting. We saw a gap in the market to offer Cheap SEO Services that matched the needs of small & local businesses.


After working with 100's of small & local businesses across years of marketing, we understand how to be successful with small & limited budgets. 


We decided to only offer the service which had proven results across the years which is SEO. 

SEO is perfect for small & local businesses as it means you don't have to pay for ad costs or have any surprise fees come at the end of the month. 

We spent some time talking with small & local business owners that we knew and decided to tailor our cheap SEO services to match their needs.

We found small business owners didn't want to pay to spend time in meetings or phone calls, they just wanted their website enquires & phone calls to increase. Due to this with decided free up our calendar time to spend more time doing SEO work rather than talking about SEO. 

We created a process and system of work that allows us to offer well below industry prices. Using our past experience writing marketing plans, we write our a SEO plan for small & local businesses and then follow the plan on a monthly basis to generate results for our clients.

We take a full hands on approach meaning you can be hands off. We send you a monthly report which features stats & data alongside a plan of the next months work. All you have to do is set up a monthly direct debit via GoCardless meaning you get no surprise invoices at the end of the month.


We are based in Nottingham and offer cheap SEO services to businesses across the United Kingdom.  

If you can relate to our story, we will most likely be a good fit to work together. Feel free to send us a contact form and we would love to show you how we can grow your business with our cheap SEO services.